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The Maxi Rolltalk combines the Rolltalk drive module with the Rolltalk Maxi tablet PC and the Rolltalk Workshop software. This system allows you to drive a power wheelchair, access all seating functions, communicate, access a cell phone, sms text message, take photos, take videos, control your TV, Stereo, DVD, and access all other functions of the Rolltalk software through scanning and a single switch. With the addition of any head mouse, you can control the functions of the maxi Rolltalk with “head movement” and a single switch. With the addition of an eye gaze system such as Quick Glance 3 from Eye Tech or Erica from Eye Response you can control the functions of the Maxi Rolltalk through “eye movement”; with or without a switch. (patent pending)
Driving with eye gaze is an incredible new technology developed by Rolltalk. This new technology will enhance the lives of many people. However, it is not as simple as portrayed on television. Eye gaze is best used indoors due to changing lighting factors. It is also best used with someone with very little head movement and it is highly recommended that you use a switch with the eye gaze for safety. Rolltalk is so functional that you can set the screen to work with eye gaze inside and scanning while outside or in bright light. The scanner requires a switch to be activated. You must specify wheelchair brand and type of electronics when ordering because not all wheelchairs are compatible. This new technology is a major advancement for independence especially for clients with ALS. Thanks to Rolltalk it is here!! (available only through Com’ation.)

 (patent pending)

Rolltalk Drive Module         Part# Rolltalk Drive Module $8,000.00

Rolltalk Tablet PC & Software Part# Rolltalk Mini-DM $8,500.00