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    Salome drew this picture of “The Biloxi Lighthouse”. It took her about three months to complete. Her mother stated, “We had to fold the paper into one inch squares. She never saw the finished product until she was completely through”. Salome got the idea for her drawing from a postcard Mama found at a drug store. We think she did a great job don’t you?

 Salome Alexandria McCaffrey Born 12-25-1983 Early Christmas morning. At 6 months she was ahead of all the other children her age. At 9 months she was back to a newborn stage. Doctors said she wouldn’t make it a year. At 1 year old she received plasmafloresis. At 18 months she was taped to be on the Jerry Lewis MDA television marathon, although she never got to see it. Hurricane Elena came through town and took hers lungs with it. She was ventilated and trachea. She’s 20 and still going strong. Thank God. In the fall of 2001 The Make a Wish Foundation arranged for Salome to have her wish which was to meet Rucker Ashmore, Lisa Rotelli, and the company that helped Salome to be independent & free. She thought he ought to know how important their work was for her and others like her.

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